Step 1 – Lowering The Water Level


With our equipment,  we don’t need the pool completely drained.  We can drop the water level down 6-8” below the calcium line.  This gives us the ability to access the residue on your pool tile and/or Pebble Tec.  We will bring our own self-contained pump system to set up to drain the night before the cleaning so that the pool is ready for our arrival the next morning.


Step 2 – Getting Into The Pool


We set up our state-of-the-art pool and tile cleaning equipment that is built specifically for bead and salt blasting on swimming pools.  We have glass bead and Epsom salt options to make sure that the absolute best results are achieved.  Not only is this method environmentally friendly, it also does not use chemicals which can damage your pool or leave residue behind.  Also- using either the glass bead or Epsom salt will not damage or fade your Pebble Tec or pool tiles.


Step 3 – Remove The Calcium Build Up


Once we have all the equipment in place and set up, the tech gets into the pool/water to be able to get at the buildup/residue at all angles. The glass bead or Epsom salts are shot on to the Pebble Tec/pool tile at a low, controlled pressure. This will carefully and precisely remove the calcium and mineral build up,
hard water stains, and chemical residues.


Step 4 – Clean Surface


Once the glass bead or Epsom salt blasting is finished, the entire cleaned area is cleaned and wiped down by hand to remove any remaining residue that may still be on the water line.  You will instantly be able to see how the blasting process has completely removed any stains, residue and buildup from your pool tile and/or Pebble Tec.  After the removal process is completed and the surface(s) have dried, we apply sealer to the pool tile surface.


Step 5 – Vacuum The Pool


To finalize our service, we use our own portable vacuum system to sweep any remaining glass bead or Epsom salt from your swimming pool.  This completes the pool calcium cleaning process- and leaves no mess for you to clean up!  The entire process- from arrival to completion- takes about 3-4 hours normally for an average sized swimming pool (80-90 linear ft.)